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Cheyenne Review

Cheyenne, the German brand of tattoo machines is the shining star of the industry. When it comes to choosing a brand for tattoo machines, it’s like a never-ending confusion. But whenever you consider Cheyenne is your list, the rest would never stand close as their review suggests. Cheyenne started their journey in 2006. Not considered a very experienced brand but still, they made their position on the top. Innovative designs are available in German quality assurance. Moreover, they maintain safety and hygiene like none. So what else would anyone ask for? Clearly, you got the idea why this ‘not so old enough’ brand is the best in the market.

Cheyenne SOL Nova – Review

Cheyenne created SOL Nova after their award-winning and revolutionary Hawk Pen. Hawk Pen was the first pen-style tattoo machine on planet Earth and the response was greatly positive. To maintain the legacy of Hawk Pen SOL Nova was introduced to the market.

SOL Nova can be considered the quietest machine made by Cheyenne. The powerful machine works like a beast in your hand but can be as quiet as a fish. The low vibration of the machine is also exceptional for SOL Nova. The only feature Hawk Pen lacked was the noise control and SOL Nova covered that aspect in the best possible way. As a result, the lowest vibration and noise make this machine suitable for longer sessions. Large tattoos can be done with long sessions and no extra headache for the noise is required.

What else?

However, just do not take the quietest part for the best of it. As the brushless DC motor is very powerful, it ensures the highest impact and faster ink saturation. The motor runs between 4.7 V-12.6 V. Being such a powerful machine it is gentle on the skin and user-friendly. The frequency range for this machine is extraordinary. It can hit as low as 25 Hz and the highest up to 150 Hz. The lowest frequency of this amazing tech makes it best suited for dot works and pepper-like shading works. You should understand the capability range of SOL Nova by now.

Cheyenne Review SOL Nova Tattoo Machine
Cheyenne Review SOL Nova Tattoo Machine

But wait, there are also tons of features remaining. The ergonomic design of SOL Nova is another outstanding side. Anyone related to this industry knows about the designs done by Cheyenne. SOL Nova is another masterpiece of theirs. The small pen size machine which weighs only 150 gm, is well balanced inside your palm. The weight distribution is magnificent.

As the weight is mostly put to the front tip side, the heavier back end is not there. As a result, the longer sessions of tattooing is not a problem anymore. It has a stroke length of 3.5mm which is adjustable in a range of 0-4mm. The stroke length adjustment does not require any specific disassembly step. That makes the machine an all-around performer in case of lining, detailing, shading, and especially dot work with low frequency. Now the most important part of the grip comes. As safety is a prime concern for Cheyenne, the grips are also available in a wide range.

Ease of Use

SOL Nova is compatible with disposable Grips Ergo One Inch and Ergo Round. Artists also get easily available grips to work with ease. These grips are made to maintain proper hygiene. So the safety concern is fulfilled with ease. Moreover, the machine is manufactured maintaining the proper medical standards. They use ISO standards for medical equipment. Finally, the power supply connection for this specific machine is rotating style. This ensures the maximum freedom of movement of artists. Also, the innovative jack cage is best suited for optimum protection for the plug connection.

Overall, the SOL Nova is a complete pack of required features. Artists have very positive feedback about this. The efficiency SOL Nova provides is the best for most artists. Long sessions, lowest noise, and vibration with German quality. What else can be imagined for one machine?


  • The quietest machine on earth and the lowest vibration
  • Ergonomic design, best weight distribution.
  • All-round performance for lining, shading, detailing
  • Powerful yet gentle machine
  •  Medical grade manufacturing


  • Little expensive
  • Thicker than usual pen-style machines

Cheyenne Brand Review:

Cheyenne is a Berlin-based tattoo machine and accessories company. This German brand is one of the greatest and top brands in the market because of its innovation and high-end quality. German quality products as anyone would say are the best available in the market and maybe that’s the reason their products are exported in 63 countries all around the earth. However, the innovative designs and ergonomic machines are the achievements of Cheyenne but there is a team of expert tattoo artists that work relentlessly to make these possible. From the smallest equipment to the best-ever rotary machine, everything has the contribution of this expert team. Well, one thing Cheyenne believes is very realistic and valuable for the industry is Cheyenne can only add value to the market if they know what the artists really need. This realistic approach made a huge change in their products.

One sector where Cheyenne can beat any other is the safety and hygiene issue. With the deepest knowledge and support from the medical sector, Cheyenne leads the market. They use medical-grade material for all their product. With such a production line and other components, they are unbeatable in the case of safety and hygiene. The cartridges from this leading company feature something special. Cheyenne Safety Membrane is a patented covering that keeps the fluids away from the grip and machine. This safety membrane ensures the safety of customers and benefits the tattoo artists.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if anyone considers the contribution of Cheyenne to the tattoo industry then it is mountain-like. Cheyenne’s rotary machine improved not only the state of the art but also revolutionized the whole industry. Cheyenne HAWK is the first rotary machine to use an electric motor. This was a huge step forward in the case of performance. Not only the electric motor, but HAWK PEN is also the first-ever pen-style tattoo machine designed by this company. This pen-style machine was the biggest revolution in the tattoo industry. The pen-style tattoo machine made tattooing a lot easier and simple. After all this, the single-use cartridge was the innovation from Cheyenne. Yes, safety is that much valued and they took the safety and hygiene to a new level. The single-use cartridges enabled the tattoo artists to keep the customer free from most of the risks related to tattooing.

Having said that, Cheyenne might sound like the knight in shining armor for the tattoo industry. To be honest, indeed they have given a lot to the industry. It’s like Cheyenne is the state of the art for the tattoo industry. All we have to do is wait for the next revolution they will bring!

Let us know your thoughts about this Cheyenne Review and how can we do it better.


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