Tattoo Artist Martin

Hi! I’m Martin Sjoberg.

Hi! I am Martin. I started tattooing at the age of 16. When I started tattooing there wasn’t any information on the internet about tattooing. That made it more interesting.

Well, art was always my passion. And the tattoo is the physical form of art. After tattooing for a couple of decades, I got a carpal tunnel and searched for a solution, and found many essential things.

I thought the years of experience I have combined with the research I did with tattoos, tattoo machines, and all the accessories related to tattoos, I can help a lot of enthusiasts with it. That is when one of my friends asked to start a blog and now I am here.

I know a lot about rotary and coil tattoo machines and as a tattoo artist, I know about aftercare products. I am not a native English speaker. So you may find some difficulty while reading the blog. If you have any suggestions or recommendations please let me know.

I hope my writing will help some of you. if anyone wants to contribute they are more welcomed.

I hope Maestro Tattoo helps someone someday!