19 Best Rotary Tattoo Machine: Review & Top Picks

best rotary tattoo machine reviews 2020

Let’s face it, out of all the choices it is difficult to choose the best rotary tattoo machine. A tattoo machine can make the difference between a tattoo and an artistic tattoo. Since you’ve set your mind on rotary tattoo machines, no worries, we’ve got your back. In a Hurry? Here is our best picks. … Read more

Best Tattoo Machine Brand | Top Brands in 2020

best tattoo machine Brand

Starting as a tattoo artist what will be the most important thing for you? Anyone can guess that it’s the machine you will use. When you are making a tattoo it is made with care and love. Any tattoo artist would want the best outcome of his skills on his client’s body and satisfaction of … Read more

Pneumatic Tattoo Machine | Everything About It

Pneumatic Tattoo Machine (1)

The first tattoo machine was invented way back in 1876. With time the mechanisms changed, and upgraded appliances were used. A revolution in the tattoo industry happened in the year 2000. Carson Hill invented a new type of machine, which is the pneumatic tattoo machine. But what was so special about it that made the … Read more

Best Coil Tattoo Machine | 8 Reviews [Updated 2021]

Best Coil tattoo machine featured

Tattooing is a type of body modification. Some people find tattooing as a funky fashion. Though making tattoos is not new to the world. Native Africans started it in ancient time. In addition, modern tattooing started after the invention of electricity in the 17th century. Modern tattooing means using a coil machine or a rotary … Read more

Tattoo Machine | Everything You Need To Know (Updated)

Tattoo Machine All about it

As a Tattoo Enthusiast or a regular inquisitiveness, you should learn about the Tattoo Machine history, how it has come today state by so many people’s continuous hard work.  What is a tattoo machine? Tattoo means drawing any kind of art in the body permanently. With the aid of ink and needles, tattoo artist works. … Read more