50+ Dinosaur Tattoos Designs & Ideas

For those who are still Dino-obsessed from childhood or fascinated with the prehistoric beasts that once roamed our planet, dinosaur tattoos make for some amazing ink. From the mighty T-Rex to the plated stegosaurus, dinosaur tattoo designs are varied, meaningful, and straight up cool.

Most Popular Dinosaur Tattoos Designs

Here 50+ most popular dinosaur tattoos ideas and styles that gain the most traction with searchers and social sharers:

1. Ferocious T-Rex Dinosaur Tattoos

Dinosaur Tattoos Designs Ideas 1 by maestro tattoo

As the king of dinosaurs, images showing the intensity and power of T-Rex in tattoo designs are hugely popular. Go for a screaming T-Rex head with blood dripping from teeth for drama.

2. Cute Baby Dinosaur Tattoos

Adorable newborn baby dinosaur tattoos melting hearts everywhere with their chubby bodies and oversized curious eyes are a favorite. The cuteness levels are off the charts with baby triceratops and T-rex designs.

3. Dinosaur Skeleton Tattoos Designs

Tap into the science nerd in us all by getting a highly detailed tattoo of a complete Velociraptor or Brachiosaurus skeletal system. Bonus points if it’s holding its own leg bone in its jaw.

4. Tribal Dinosaur Tattoos Designs

Fuse dinosaurs with tribal tattoos like Maori, Native American, Hawaiian, Aztec for unique designs embracing both ancient tribal culture and primitive beasts. It’s an SEO win-win.

5. Dinosaur Sleeve Tattoos

The full dinosaur sleeve tattoo featuring realistic depictions or biomechanical combinations receive great engagement for the sheer epic imagery covering the entire arm.

6. Roaring T-Rex Head Dinosaur Tattoos Designs

A popular choice is a screaming T-Rex head, often with sharp teeth exposed. This makes for an aggressive, ferocious tattoo.

7. Realistic Forearm Dinosaur Tattoos Designs

piii by maestro tattoo

Go for a full dinosaur in very realistic detail wrapping around your forearm. This allows for the intricate scales and skin to be inked.

8. Watercolor Dinosaur Tattoo

Softer, blurred edges in splashes of color create a more artistic, watercolor dinosaur tattoo. Rainbow colors make it more playful.

9. Dinosaur Tracks Tattoo

Dinosaur Tracks Tattoo

For a unique option, get large dinosaur tracks walking across your back or chest. You can customize the dino prints.

10. Cresting Wave Dinosaur


A cool silhouette tattoo idea is a T-Rex or other dinosaur shown cresting up from waves along the calf or thigh.

11. Dinosaur With Flowers

dino with flower 1 by maestro tattoo

Contrast a softly colored floral tattoo with the stark black outline of a dinosaur (like a velociraptor or stegosaurus) peeking out from the flowers.

12. Dinosaur Eggs Tattoo

Dinosaur egg tattoo

Show a nest of cracked dinosaur eggs with a baby dino hatching out. It symbolizes new life and can be very colorful.

13. Minimalist Line Drawing Dino

Simplicity can be striking too. Black line drawing silhouette tattoos of dinosaurs keep them cleanly minimalistic.

14. Dinosaur Family Tattoo

Why not a whole herd? Show a family of different dinosaurs like Parasaurolophus, stegosaurus, triceratops and more migrating.

15. Dinosaur Feather Tattoo

For a scientific debate, get feathers added to traditionally scaly dinosaurs, as some argue certain dinosaurs actually had primitive feathers.

16. Neo Traditional Dino

Bold black outlines and vibrant colors as seen in neo traditional tattooing makes dinosaurs really stand out. It puts a modern spin on them.

17. Mother and Baby Dino

Dinosaur family tattoo image

Show the softer, nurturing side of fearsome carnivores like T-rexes with a mom and baby dinosaur tattoo. It adds sentimental meaning.

18. Cartoon Dinosaur

There are so many cartoon dinosaurs to pick from for a playful, animated tattoo, like the Land Before Time gang, Barney, or Sinclair from Dinosaurs.

19. Dinosaur Bone and Fossil Tattoo

Dinosaur Skeleton Tattoos image

For a paleontologist, get inked with a textured fossil or dinosaur bone depicted in grays and browns. You can add a brush or trowel.

20. Dinosaur Bone Chest Plate Tattoo

Make a bold statement by inking a realistic dinosaur bone plate in the center of your chest, like the textured chest plate of a stegosaurus.

21. Scared Person Running from Dinosaur


Show the funny side of dinosaur disasters with a cartoon person comically running away from an approaching T-Rex or velociraptor.

22. Cyborg Dinosaur Tattoo

Fuse futuristic robotic elements with primordial dinosaurs for an imaginative bionic dinosaur covered in gears, metal plates and circuits. Stunning sci-fi tattoo!

23. Glow in the Dark Dinosaur Tattoo

Dinosaurs come alive in a whole new light with glow in the dark ink! Under blacklight, watch skeletons, footprints and outlines glow.

24. Watercolor Rainbow Dinosaur

Make a gentle, artistic statement with a brightly colored rainbow watercolor wash dinosaur like a brachiosaurus grazing on leaves.

25. Prehistoric Jungle Scene Back Tattoo

Transport back to the Mesozoic Era with a detailed back piece featuring volcanoes, palm fronds, and a pack of hunting velociraptors prowling the jungle.

26. Deadly Daisy Dinosaur Tattoo

Contrast the deadly, darkly lined carnivorous dinosaur lurking within innocent looking daisies for ironic interest. Works as a thigh or shoulder tattoo.

27. Puzzle Piece Dinosaur Tattoo

Represent bonding with friends and family with complementary spaced out puzzle piece dinosaur tattoos that connect together when side by side.

28. Dinosaur Constellation Tattoo

Connect the dots of your favorite dinosaur’s outline to form a constellation night sky tattoo accented with small stars and planets.

29. Archaeologist Dinosaur Scene

For Indiana Jones fans – an intricate tattoo scene of an archaeologist unearthing dinosaur bones with a brush and chisel in hand at a desert dig site.

30. Yin Yang Dinosaur Tattoo

Fuse the ancient symbol of yin and yang with the prehistoric world by designing two opposing dinosaurs like a T-Rex and Triceratops circling within it.

Best Places for Dinosaur Tattoos

Due to their size, detail, and curvature, some of the top placements for badass dinosaur ink include:

  • Chest
  • Full sleeve
  • Full back
  • Outer thigh
  • Rib cage
  • Shoulder cap

Roaring with style, power and imagination, dinosaur tattoos are truly timeless body art. With so many designs to inspire your prehistoric passion, will you choose ferocity or cuteness for your dinosaur tattoo?

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