What is a Tattoo Machine? A Brief Answer

what is a tattoo machine

What is a Tattoo Machine? The tattoo machine is a piece of equipment, that is accustomed to make tattoos and styles. Tattoos are the permanent marking on the skin with ink . Modern tattoo machines use electromagnetic coils for the movement of the armature bar up and down. However, it has a long history. Liner … Read more

The World’s First Remote Tattoo arm with 5G supports

The First-Ever Remote Tattoo with Robot Arm and 5G Network

Tattooing with needles and ink was the way from the beginning. Nowadays, people use different kinds of tattoo machines to do the job, i.e., Rotary tattoo machine, Coil tattoo machine. With advanced technology, the tattoo industry just took another leap. The First Remote Tattoo by Robot. You heard it right, it was the world’s first … Read more

When Is The Best Time To Get A Tattoo?

best time to get a tattoo

A lot of people consider getting a tat within the springtime and summertime when it’s hot outside and more skin is revealed. Later when cooler weather comes around and therefore the long sleeves and long trousers begin, the thought of getting tattooed might not seem quite as enticing. Then when is the best time to … Read more

How does tattoo work? The short and precise answer

how tattoo work

How does tattoo work? Let’s make it shot- How does Tattoo work? A tattoo could also be body modifications where ink is applied to the skin where it can stay permanently. that’s nice enough for a definition but how exactly all that works on a macroscopic and microscopic level? We’ll try to explain it here. … Read more