How to use Tattoo Practice Skin? A short description

The first disaster for the novice tattoo artist should come on a practicing skin rather than on a real person. If you are in the learning phase or even trying to do something out of your regular practice with tattoos then make sure to maximize the use of tattoo skins.

These skins mimic the human skin and that allows you to practice any design you want with full confidence and no fear of ruining anything. This is where your first tattoo machine should get started.

These practicing skins for tattoo designs are also alternately known as fake skin. In this guide, we will provide you with the best information about the best usage of the tattoo practice skin.

How to Best Use the Tattoo Practice Skin?

Using tattoo skin for practicing is a brainer. You will have a product that will exactly replicate the human skin so that you can try as many designs as you like with no fear of losing your clientele. Here, we will discuss a few tips for making sure that you use the tattooed skin for practicing in the best possible manner:

  • The prerequisite to your practicing session is to ensure hygiene which you need to maintain throughout the session. The first and foremost advice is to keep your practice area or the work environment clean. You need to consider a few things here that are:
    • Having the cleaning stuff ready on the side for cleaning the working or practicing area from colors and other stuff.
    • You need to have a bin or a disposal pot ready to safely dispose of your tattoo needles used.
    • You need to have a proper kit or a box to carefully organize your practice kit.
    • Take note of any other hygienic measures that you need to ensure before practicing.
  • You need to start practicing by getting a tattoo practice skin or thermal paper. These fake skins are made from a piece of synthetic leather or silicone. Tattoo artists widely use them for practicing new designs. The idea here is to have a practicing tool that is as close as the real human skin.
  • You need to have the design on paper or your computer skin. Which you want to practice on the fake skin. You may look to get a copy of the tattoo image on thermal paper by making use of a thermal copier.
  • Then, you need to cut out the image very carefully from the thermal copy that you produced.
  • Then place the stencil over the tattoo practice skin.
  • At this point, the image to practice is all secure now. You can start practicing while beginning first on the outline of the image over the fake tattoo skin.
  • Wipe out excess ink if there is any for the sake of keeping the entire surface clean.
  • Once you are done with the designing of the outline you can start practicing the shading of the areas. This is a crucial part of the practice. And you must continue doing so until you get the desirable results on the practicing skin. 

You may get more ideas about the best usage, tips, and benefits of practicing skin by maximizing the online tattoo practice skin reviews.


It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned tattoo artist. The usage of practice skin for tattoos never goes away. The first action from a tattoo machine should always be on practice skin. They make such products to help tattoo artists enhance their design skills.

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