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Friendship is a bond that transcends time and distance, and what better way to celebrate it than with a matching tattoo? Best friend matching tattoo ideas have become increasingly popular as a unique way to commemorate the deep connections we share. In this article, we will delve into a myriad of best friend matching tattoo ideas that not only signify your unbreakable bond but also serve as works of art.

Best friend maching friendship tattoo ideas

The Significance of Matching Tattoos

Getting a matching tattoo with your bestie is more than just a fashion statement. It signifies the deep connection you share and serves as a permanent commemoration of your bond. The ink represents the memories you’ve created, the laughs you’ve shared, and the unconditional support you provide each other.

However, your interests, priorities and circumstances can change over time. While your friendship may feel rock-solid today, make sure you’ve stood the test of time before immortalizing it through permanent body art.

Choosing a Meaningful Design

Selecting the perfect matching tattoos is all about finding a design that has deep symbolic meaning to both of you.

Best Friend Matching Tattoo Ideas

Best friend tattoos come in all shapes, sizes, and styles, allowing you to choose a design that perfectly encapsulates your unique bond. Here are some creative ideas to inspire you and your bestie:

Puzzle Pieces

tattoo design

Celebrate how you and your best friend complete each other with puzzle piece tattoos. Each of you can get one piece, and when you come together, it forms a whole picture.

Yin and Yang

Tattoos for sister ideas

The yin and yang symbol represents the balance between two opposing forces. It’s a classic symbol of the harmony in your friendship.

Sun and Moon

moon and sun tattoo

Symbolizing the idea that you’re there for each other day and night, the sun and moon make for a wonderful tattoo duo.


tattoos for sister ideas picture

Get your heartbeats inked to show that your hearts beat in rhythm, no matter where life takes you.


coordinate tattoo

Choose the coordinates of a place that’s meaningful to both of you, like where you first met or a place you both love.


infinity tattoo

The infinity symbol represents the timeless nature of your friendship. It’s a simple yet profound choice.


birds tattoo

Bird tattoos can signify the freedom you give each other to grow and explore while always coming back to the nest.

Matching Quotes

Matching Quotes

Pick a quote that resonates with your friendship and get it inked in a font that reflects your personality.

Animal Pairs

Animal Pairs

Animal tattoos, such as elephants or wolves, are symbols of loyalty and protectiveness, perfect for friends who are like family.

Watercolor Art

Watercolor tattoo ink for friends

Watercolor tattoos add a splash of vibrant color to your bond, making it as unique as your friendship.


Constellations tattoo

The constellations in the night sky are not only beautiful but also symbolic of the vastness of your connection.

Cartoon Characters

Cartoon Characters tattoo design dragon ball android

Choose your favorite duo from a TV show or movie to pay homage to your shared interests.

Geometric Shapes

Geometric-Shapes tattoo

Opt for a minimalist approach with geometric shapes that represent the different facets of your friendship.

Key and Lock

key lock tattoo

The key and lock tattoos symbolize that you hold the key to each other’s hearts and secrets.

Music Notes

music note tattoo

If music plays a big part in your friendship, get matching music notes or lyrics that are significant to both of you.

Travel Symbols

Matching plane wrist tattoos for sister picture

For the friends who love to travel, consider getting tattoos of a compass, map, or airplane.

Tree Rings

Tree-Rings tattoo

The rings of a tree represent growth, strength, and the passing of time in your friendship.


Birds of a feather picture

Feathers can represent lightness and freedom, as well as the idea that your spirits are connected.

Star Wars Symbols


For fans of the franchise, Star Wars symbols like the Rebel Alliance logo can be a fun choice.


Sunflower by maestro tattoo

A sunflower tattoo symbolizes loyalty, adoration, and the warmth of your friendship.

Water Waves


Waves signify the ebb and flow of life, just like the ups and downs of your friendship.



Mandalas are intricate and beautiful, symbolizing the complex yet balanced nature of your relationship.

Finding the Perfect Matching Tattoos

When chosen carefully, matching tattoos can create wonderful shared memories reflecting your unique connection. Select designs with symbolic significance that will retain positive meaning throughout your lives. Placement visibility can be tailored to your lifestyle needs.

Most importantly, don’t rush into permanent body art before fully discussing long-term implications. Make sure your bond can withstand time’s tests first. Tattoos or not, friendship is to be treasured. If designed thoughtfully, matching ink can become beautiful reminders of an irreplaceable relationship.

Frequently Asked Questions About Best Friend Matching Tattoo Ideas

What typically inspires matching tattoo ideas?

Matching tattoos usually represent inside jokes, shared memories, mutual interests, or symbolic designs like hearts and infinity symbols. Meaningful words, phrases, lyrics or quotes are also popular.

What are some discreet spots for matching tattoos?

Discreet areas include wrists, ankles, upper back between the shoulder blades, the nape of the neck, behind the ear, the side of a finger, or the inner arm near the elbow. These allow tattoos to be hidden when desired.

What are some visible locations for matching tattoos?

Bolder spots include forearms, shoulders, legs, the side of hands or feet, collar bones, sternum, upper back, and calves. These put your tattoos prominently on display.

How much do matching tattoos typically cost?

Cost depends on size, design complexity, tattoo artist skill level, and geographic location. Small simple designs could start around $50-100 per tattoo, while large intricate ones could be $200-500 each. Shop around for pricing.

Do matching tattoos have to be identical?

Matching tattoos can be identical or share a theme that is meaningful to both friends. The key is that they hold personal significance.


Best friend matching tattoos are not just ink on skin; they are symbols of the beautiful and unbreakable bond you share. Many tattoo ideas listed here are just the tip of the iceberg. The best design is one that reflects your unique friendship and brings a smile to your faces every time you look at it. So, go ahead and celebrate your one-of-a-kind connection with a tattoo that will stand the test of time.

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