What does a nail tattoo mean?

A nail tattoo is a small design that may be worn on any finger or toe. Although it’s called a tattoo, the design doesn’t penetrate the skin. Instead, it is painted using a special type of nail polish with metallic pigments. It’s also known as “temporary” tattoos because they last about 2 weeks. Nail tattoos are sized to fit both fingernails and toenails.

Even though many people wear this for fun, nail tattoos are often associated with members of gangs. It has been reported that some members mark their “territory” using these designs.

How long do tattooed fingernails last?

Nail tattoos usually last 2-3 days on nails or 5-7 days on cuticles. Nail tattoos are not permanent. They usually last about 1 week on the fingernails. We do offer refills for your clients who want to continue the look! But apply nail primer or base coat before use.

We don’t recommend using fake nails with nail tattoos because the nails are peeling off anyway so you won’t get the desired effect.

Mostly inks will last for at least 2 weeks on the nails. We also offer refills that you can use to extend the life of your client’s tattoos!

How do I take care of a nail tattoo?

Applying a topcoat can prolong the life of your nail tattoos, but they’re not meant to last forever. After about 5-7 days the tattoo will fade and you’ll want to remove it with nail polish remover or an acetone-based product.

What is the process of applying a nail tattoo?

Nail tattoos are applied one at a time with an eyedropper. We offer about 100 different colors of tattoo ink so you can mix colors to create your own custom colors! We offer do-it-yourself Nail Tattoo Kits that include everything you need to apply your very own nail tattoos! You can also use slip solution for poly gel nails before applying a nail tattoo. But it’s not compulsory.

How many nail tattoos come in each package?

Our nail tattoos are packaged in sets of 10. We recommend having at least 5 sets on hand if you’re doing a full set on a client.

What are the nail tattoos made of?

The ink used in all of our tattoo products is FDA-approved, cosmetic grade color pigments or dye that is non-hazardous and safe for use on the skin. They are not made with any animal byproducts, shellac, or glitter.

What is the removal process of a nail tattoo?

We recommend using a cotton ball dipped in remover to remove your tattoo. Our tattoos are not removed by peeling them off. Peeling the nail tattoo can cause damage to your nails, so it’s best to remove them with remover.

What are the ingredients of the nail tattoos?

Our tattoo ink is non-toxic, cosmetic-grade color pigments or dye. The ink is not made with any animal byproducts, shellac, or glitter. It does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, sulfonamide, benxoide dyes.

Are the tattoo inks safe for pregnant women?

Yes! Tattoo ink is FDA approved and non-hazardous so it is safe for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding to use. Tattoo ink is non-hazardous and does not contain any ingredients that are harmful to you.

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